For all questions regarding M:TG prints, proofs, originals and signings by Scott M. Fischer

please contact Teresa at:

Cards for signings can be mailed to:

Scott M Fischer Studio

P.O.Box 642

Belchertown, MA 01007

Do you have a few favorite cards by Scott M Fischer that you would like to have signed? Scott doesn't get out of the studio very often for events, so is happy to sign them through the mail for you.

$1.00 per black sharpie card signature. $2.00 per gold or silver signature. $3.00 per shadow signature. All you have to do is send your cards along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, packed in a way that you feel will best protect them in transit to Scott and then back to you.

When sending your cards, please indicate signature type with your cards if you would like any signatures other than black sharpie signatures.

You can pay for your signatures by sending cash with your cards or you can pay with PayPal. Contact Teresa at if you need help working out payment with shipping cost.

If you are sending them from outside of the US, you will not be able to send an SASE and international postal coupons have a hard time being used at our local post offices. You will have to send payment for the shipping back.  Please contact us and we can work out return shipping  based on the amount of cards you will be sending and type of packaging being used.

To see more of Scott M. Fischer's art

please visit: